Introduction to "The Reconstruction Convention Simulation".

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The Simulation - What you have to do!

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The Simulation—What You Have To Do!
1. Due on ______________ is a 500 or more word essay in which using the material from Harper’s Weekly you explain your character’s position on the various questions the Convention will have to address. You must quote directly from your readings (and provide citations) in addition to providing your own analysis and using some of the personal history of the character you are playing. The textbook will be of little or no use at this point in the simulation. Do not rely on it for this paper. (If you are the Chairperson of the convention, your 500-word paper should describe what would be the ideal outcome for you.)
2. A day or two after your instructor returns the papers described in 1 above, the Convention will begin. (If there are problems with your paper, try to solve them before the Convention begins.) The Convention should take anywhere between two and four days. The instructor or a student designated by the instructor will chair the Convention. The issues to be resolved each day are the ones provided on the first page of this assignment.
3. During the Convention, in addition to the papers you will write, you will be evaluated on the quantity and quality of your presentations, contributions and arguments in class. All students are expected to participate.
4. At the end of each day (or half-day) you will be asked to vote on the specific proposals which have been advanced during the Convention. Each evening you must write a one-page essay explaining why you voted the way you did.
5. The day after the Convention ends, the instructor or the Chair of the Convention will provide all students with a draft of the recommendations agreed upon by the Convention.
6. Finally, a week after the simulation ends, you should write a three page paper from the perspective of a scholar of Reconstruction, not the part you played during the Convention that contrasts the solutions reached by the Convention with the "real history" as it played out between 1865 and 1867. Here you must explain which approach made the most sense and why. To write this paper effectively, all you need to do is to read your textbook closely and, of course, understand the recommendations of the Convention.

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