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Robert Black
Easy on South, Blacks few rights, Congress Rec., State
Robert is a unreconstructed rebel. A South Carolinian, he believed before the war that States Rights were the bedrock of American government and law. As a young boy he had cheered a speech by John C. Calhoun at the height of the Nullification Crisis. He also shares Calhoun’s attitudes toward African-Americans, believing completely that everyone has his place in this world and that white people by nature dominate blacks. He comes to the convention convinced that returning the South to its position before the war is the only acceptable position and, for now, is willing to see Congress run reconstruction because he distrusts the very common Andrew Johnson and hopes that newly elected Southerners in Congress can combine with Northern Democrats to reverse the worst excesses of the Republican Party.
Readings based on Beliefs:
Belief 1 - Easy for the South to get back into the Union and pardons should be easy to secure
Belief 4 - Freedmen and free blacks should receive few political, economic and social rights
Belief 5 - Congress should control Reconstruction
Belief 8 - Reconstruction should be organized and implemented on a state level

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