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Mark Max
Tough on South, Blacks rights, President Rec., State
Mark Max is a Maryland unionist. He was appalled at the secessionist activities within Baltimore and understands that while Maryland is a former slaveholding state, the fact that Maryland stayed within the Union during the Civil War gives them special protection. He was a long-time friend of Chief Justice Roger B. Taney and mourned his recent passing. Like Taney, he freed his slaves long ago and now believes that supporting black rights, especially education, will benefit all of society. He understands that supporting these changes will also punish the most extreme Southerners. Max supported Lincoln’s proposals for reconstruction—especially the generous readmission of the South--and believes that with guidance from President Johnson, the newly reformed states will do what is necessary to return to the Union.
Readings based on Beliefs:
Belief 2 - Difficult for the South to get back into the Union and pardons should be difficult to secure
Belief 3 - Freedmen and free blacks should receive substantial political, economic and social rights
Belief 6 - The President should control Reconstruction
Belief 8 - Reconstruction should be organized and implemented on a state level

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