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Fred Fox
Easy on South, Blacks few rights, President Rec., National
Fred Fox is a former Copperhead from Indiana. During the war, he was part of a Dark Lantern society and supported the efforts of Clement Vallandingham to disrupt the war effort and to take over the Democratic Party at the 1864 Chicago convention. He believes that blacks are inferior to whites, and that Presidential Reconstruction, which puts the freedman under the thumb of the white South is best in a series of poor alternatives. Although this action runs counter to his racist ideology, he continues to support Reconstruction on a national level because, as a railroad man, he benefits from the economic activities of the Republican Party.
Readings based on Beliefs:
Belief 1 - Easy for the South to get back into the Union and pardons should be easy to secure
Belief 4 - Freedmen and free blacks should receive few political, economic and social rights
Belief 6 - The President should control Reconstruction
Belief 7 - Reconstruction should be organized and implemented on a national level

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