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Chris Hand
Easy on South, Blacks few rights, President Rec., State
Chris Hand, a one-time Free Soiler, has been a strong supporter of the Republican Party since its birth in the mid-1850s. A native of Iowa, Hand volunteered for military service in June 1861, and fought the war to preserve the Union. Now that the war is over, he finds himself 100% behind the ideas of Andrew Johnson. He believes that a generous pardon is the best way to bind up the nation’s wounds and that the states are the natural repository of the people’s best interests. If the newly admitted states open the ballot to a very few of the best educated blacks, fine. If not, that is fine too. The South understands better than anyone else the best interests of freedmen. The North should not attempt to impose its values on them.
Readings based on Beliefs:
Belief 1 - Easy for the South to get back into the Union and pardons should be easy to secure
Belief 4 - Freedmen and free blacks should receive few political, economic and social rights
Belief 6 - The President should control Reconstruction
Belief 8 - Reconstruction should be organized and implemented on a state level

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