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Harper's Weekly, November 18, 1865, page 723 (Article)
The two following extracts from the Houston Telegraph, in Texas, are significant. If the education of the people is to continue—and even the Democratic party have not yet declared openly and directly against it—all other questions will be easier of solution. The first extract is from the issue of September 29:
"More than half the spelling-books now sold in Houston go into the hands of negroes. Several schools for colored persons are now in operation here and in Galveston. Many planters buy a stock of school-books for the schools already not unfrequent upon the plantations. We believe this is the proper thing, and that the education of the negroes in the elements of knowledge will aid in a hopeful solution of the question whether freed labor will be successful, and whether the negro race will survive their freedom."
The next is from an editorial in the same paper of September 30:
"Meanwhile if some Southern State, desirous of increasing its political power, should present a Constitution admitting of universal suffrage some time or in some way, it seems to us the wind would be taken out of the sails of both the Northern contestants. We are not this summer prepared to say that any thing is too wonderful or strange to be possible. Politicians are mighty uncertain, and what they will do can not be foretold by what they have done."
We do not despair of seeing a party of equal rights in the Southern States to join that in the other parts of the country; and when that party controls the late rebel as well as the loyal States we shall have once more an era of good feeling.
Harper's Weekly, November 18, 1865, page 723 (Article)

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