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Harper's Weekly, May 7, 1864, page 294 (Article)
We give on page 293 a view of the Freedman’s Village, established on Arlington Heights, Virginia, by the Government. The village is a neat and extensive collection of frame-houses, erected especially for the use of such contrabands as, failing to provide for themselves, become a burden to the Government. The village is surrounded by farmland, which the negroes cultivate for their support. To Colonel Elias M. Greene is due the principal credit of thus assisting the negroes to help themselves.
May 7, 1864, pg. 293

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All the smartest and strongest among the released slaves find employment as servants of different kinds—barbers, teamsters, etc. But there is still a number who fail to get employment, and these Colonel Greene has tried to make self-supporting on the Government lands, and so far with considerable success.
The village is quite lively, having a large number of children in it. For these there is a schoolhouse; there is, besides, a "home" for the aged, a hospital, church, tailor and other work-shops, with other public buildings. The principal street is over a quarter of a mile long, and the place presents a clean and prosperous appearance at all times.
Harper's Weekly, May 7, 1864 page 294 (Article)

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