Introduction to "The Reconstruction Convention Simulation".

The cast of characters attending the convention.

The readings for your paper listed by belief.

The Simulation - What you have to do!

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Readings for Belief 1:
It should be relatively easy for the South to be readmitted into the Union and for former Confederate officials, officers and soldiers to receive pardons.
December 26, 1863 Editorial applauds Lincoln’s message on reconstruction and his pardon.
March 19, 1864 Commission appointed by Secretary of War to administer prisoners the oath of allegiance.
April 2, 1864 Free State Constitution adopted in Arkansas by numbers higher than those required by President Lincoln’s proclamation; oaths of allegiance required to recover political rights.
June 10, 1865 P.G.T. Beauregard registers as a paroled rebel officer.
June 24, 1865 Gerrit Smith pleads for clemency for Jefferson Davis.
July 1, 1865 Rebels who applied for pardons under provisions of President Johnson’s amnesty proclamation include R.M.T. Hunter and Alexander Stephens.
October 7, 1865 P.G.T. Beauregard takes oath of allegiance; General Morgan, candidate for Governor of Ohio, pleads for white countrymen of the South.
October 14, 1865 South Carolina Convention repeals secession and abolishes slavery and appoints committee to ask for pardon for Jefferson Davis.
October 28, 1865 General Robert E. Lee takes oath of allegiance on same day he is installed as President of Washington College.
November 11, 1865 Cartoon showing Andrew Johnson granting pardons to those who a year earlier had denounced him.

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