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Introduction to "The Reconstruction Convention Simulation".

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Introduction to the Simulation
marked the end of America’s most terrible war and a year in which decisions involving government and race still echo today. The simulation our class will play focuses on the early choices that began Reconstruction. In this totally fictitious convention held in Washington D.C. on New Year’s Eve 1865, you and your classmates will try to reach agreement on a set of issues that the United States faced at that time.

Pardon Columbia
Harper's Weekly
August 4, 1865

They are:
A. Under what conditions should the South be allowed back into the Union?  Who in the former Confederate States of America should be pardoned?
B. What political, economic and social rights should Free Blacks and Freedmen acquire?
C. Who should control the process of Reconstruction—Congress or the President?
D. Should Reconstruction be implemented on a national or state level?
There is no one correct set of answers or solutions to the questions above. Rather, each of you playing one of sixteen different people attending this convention will have to argue your position before your classmates. How well you do so and the nature of the compromises you hammer out will determine the outcome of the Convention.

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