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Part III
Again, this activity is optional. However, it is a logical extension of the previous assignment.
Tell the students a week before their paper in Part II is due that ____ days after their deadline, they will have the opportunity to write a new essay on the Civil War years. It will be based on the illustrations and cartoons and using them as a basis, write a quotation which students, using both the illustrations and cartoons and their own knowledge of the period, must assess.
I recommend that, unlike the rather traditional question the groups worked on in Part I of this activity, the teacher, to whatever degree the students’ papers make it possible, tilt toward some social history.
I recommend further that you allow – even encourage – students to share the illustrations and cartoons they submitted as well as the papers they had written. Doing so makes good educational sense out of necessity, since any students who want to see what their classmates had written could do so anyway.

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