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Part II
This is an optional activity, but makes sense since it gives individual students the opportunity to analyze an illustration or cartoon. Immediately after the due date for the paper assigned in Part I, assign a second paper. I have included a draft of the assignment below.
Pick a Picture
This is a fun assignment. Each of you is to select an illustration or a cartoon from Harper’s Weekly for the years 1861 – 1865. Write a paper of about three typed pages discussing how that illustration or cartoon explains life in the United States during the Civil War. Don’t limit yourself to battles. Almost anything is fair game. Just stay away from the subjects broached in your first paper. To succeed in this assignment you will have to read well beyond your textbook. As in all your papers, footnote and provide a bibliography.
You already know what to do from your group on the illustrations addressing the Northern victory in the Civil War. But here are some suggestions. See if you can identify the characters or places in your illustration. Are there references to previous historical events? What was the occasion that led to the illustration? What is the bias of the illustrator or cartoonist? This is a chance to show me how good your eye and your historical instincts are. If you would like additional suggestions for evaluating your document go to the homepage of the National Archives and Record Administration at
The paper will be due on _____________. You must include a clean copy of the illustration or cartoon which is the subject of your paper.

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