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Part I
The objective of this activity is to have students answer the question, "Why did the North win the Civil War?" To accomplish that end, students will be asked to examine thirty-four illustrations from Harper’s Weekly. Each illustration represents one factor that accounted for the ultimate success of the Union effort to destroy the Confederacy. To effectively complete this assignment, students will have to read closely the pages you have assigned on the Civil War, whether in textbooks or in additional readings.
Because of the power of the Nast cartoons (see attached), I recommend that you begin with the end of the war. The cartoon is dated May 20, 1865 and in biblical terms describes Robert E. Lee’s surrender to Ulysses S. Grant. Thomas Nast’s bias is so palpable that using it with students to introduce this activity should anger some and energize all. It will give you the opportunity to show students how to interpret a cartoon or illustration and how to examine every corner for information and bias. Like it or not, at the end of the analysis of Nast’s cartoon his answer to the question, "Why did the North win the Civil War?" is God was on their side.
Of course, scholars insist that the Civil War was won by the North because of far more complex factors. What those factors were and what the relative importance of each was can be argued by your students based on the illustrations provided below and their additional reading. To ensure that your charges understand their obligations, I recommend that you analyze one more cartoon entitled, "A Short Blanket," (see December 14, 1861) with your class. That document suggests the difficulty the Confederacy would have in defending all of its territories due to a lack of manpower.
Next, inform your class that in groups of _____ they will be asked to report to the class about other factors explaining the victory of the North in the Civil War. Some of the groups will have a set of cartoons which focus on only one factor; some groups will have cartoons which suggest a series of explanations for the North’s victory. Inform your class also that following the presentations by the different groups, each student will be asked to write a paper of ______ words using the presentations and the two cartoons analyzed as a class to evaluate the relative importance of the various factors in the North’s victory in the Civil War. (Note: I have identified below the subject of each illustration assigned to the different groups. Doing so is for the benefit of the teacher. I would not provide the titles of the illustrations to your students.)

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