"Rally Round The Flag, Boys!"

October 1, 1864, pages 632 - 633

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Rally round the Flag, boys! Rally round the Flag, boys!
Rally once again; Rally with a cheer;
There are traitors in the camp boys, For all you love and cherish most,
And pirates on the main; For all that hold you dear,
There are rebels in the front, boys, Defend the brave old banner,
And foes across the sea, Unsullied from the earth - - 
Who hate the proud republican Within its folds enshrined it holds
And scoff at you and me. All that this life is worth.
Rally round the Flag, boys! Then rally round the Flag, boys!
Rally in your might; Rally, rally still!
Let the nations see how freemen Rally from the valley,
Can battle for the right; And rally from the hill;
Make the throbbing mountains echo Rally from the ship, boys,
With the thunder of your tread; And rally from the plow;
With music sweet of marital feet Now or never is the word - - 
Salute our gallant dead. Never!  failing now.

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