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List of Illustrations for Part I
Group A
New York City Shipyards
Union Naval Blockade of Charleston
Naval Battle Monitor - Merrimac
Union New Iron-Clad Union Navy
Confederate Blockade Runner Captured
Group B
Civil War Foundries
Manufacturing of Muskets
Building Union Ships
Making Cannons
Shipbuilding and Refitting Activities
Group C
Reinforcements for our Volunteers Marching Southward
Union Supply Depots and Stations
Landing Cattle
Group D
Nast Cartoon on Emancipation Proclamation
A Negro Regiment in Action
Escaped Slave Before and After Enlistment
Slaves in Charleston Joining the Union Cause
Group E
Song by Private Miles O'Reilly
Song "Rally Round the Flag, Boys!"
Group F
Destruction of Rebel Property
Siege of Charleston
Destruction of Bridges
Destruction of Locomotives
Atlanta Railroad Depot Before its Destruction 
Property Destruction and Desecration in Atlanta
Ruins of  the Norfolk Navy-Yard
Group G
Confederate States and Foreign Recognition
Confederate Inflation
Jefferson Davis' Reaction to the Northern Draft
Group H
Confederate Dilemma:  What To Do With Slaves?
Blacks Escaping Slavery
Group I
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